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3.1 Common Routines

We give here the routines that control the creation and destruction of the graphical window.

Lost_Main_Window : exception;

This exception is raised if the user tries to manipulate the windows before creating it or after destroying it.

procedure Create_Main_Window
  (X_Max        : Float   := 512.0;
   Y_Max        : Float   := 512.0;
   Text_Area    : Boolean := False;
   Drawing_Area : Boolean := True);

This procedure creates the main window of the application. X_Max and Y_Max represent respectively the width and the height of each one of the windows parts: the drawing area and the text area. The flags Text_Area and Drawing_Area control the creation of these parts. Note that at least one of these two flags has to be set to True.

procedure Destroy_Main_Window;

This procedure closes and destroys the main window.

You may, during the execution of your application, create and destroy as many windows as you want. However, one single windows at most has to exist at a given time.